About Anita Jupp

Anita is the recipient of a Fellowship Award, presented to her by the International Academy of Dental-Facial Esthetics which represents her outstanding contribution to business management in the international dental community.

Anita’s articles have been featured in many of the leading dental journals worldwide. She has written four books and has developed a series of training tools on CDs and CD-ROM. Anita opened the ADEI - Canada’s first Advanced Dental Education Institute with training workshops for the entire team. As a global practice coach, Anita works with dental professionals, renewing their self-confidence and arming them with the latest tools and fresh insights to achieve success.

Anita was a featured guest at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies for over a year.

Dental Transitions Specialist
The transition process of buying and selling a dental practice can be comfortable and easy rather than stressful - with the right tools and people in place. Anita Jupp specializes in dental transitions with both purchasing and selling dentists. She will show you how to generate maximum profit from your newly purchased practice or from a practice sale. Anita works within your comfort level and gives you the tools to apply the necessary changes for maximum profit. Wherever your business is taking you, she can help.

FOR DENTISTS BUYING A PRACTICE: Practical Business Strategies
Anita Jupp will show you and your team how you can all benefit from a comfortable transition and the essential systems of dental business management. Anita will do a complete analysis of your practice - what works, what doesn’t work. She will provide the solutions and tools your team need to make the changes comfortable and profitable. Anita will help you and your team to identify obstacles and how to overcome them, to train your team, your office manager and set up business monitors to achieve financial and practice goals.

It’s important to think of your retirement early. Planning 5 or even 10 years in advance for a practice sale is not too soon. There are many things that can be done ahead of time, benefitting your finances in the short term as well as long term for a profitable sale. Increase the value of your practice by up to 50% and put that money into your retirement nest egg. Learn how to prepare your patients and team for the transition process and make it a positive experience for all involved.