C u s t o m i z e d  S o l u t i o n s  t o  I n c r e a s e  R e v e n u e

Anita Jupp has coach hundreds of practices in North America and several countries to reach new goals and enjoy the opportunity to improve their dental practices. Anita does an in office practice analysis with solutions on 'How To" make the changes positive for the patients, dentist and team.
Anita can work with you to fine tune your business with systems and everything you did not learn in dental school, in this time of advanced technology it is easier than ever before to reach new business goals.


Financial & Profit Systems: Eliminating lost revenue and helping you to maintain
control of accounts and overhead

Business Systems: Fine tuning and organizing your business systems for maximum
efficiency and team productivity

Increased Case Acceptance: Utilization of intra-oral camera and technology
to ensure a return on your investment. Helping you to implement a Treatment Coordinator or Level II Assistant.

A Proactive Dental Team: Helping your team to be accountable, responsible and
committed to your dental practice.

Marketing Programs: Focusing on internal communication and patient education as
a marketing tool while helping you to prepare an external marketing program using
a brand based approach.

• We provide in-depth direction and written guidelines to help increase case
acceptance and revenue.
• We work with you and your team to organize and streamline office systems for
maximum productivity.
• We help you implement changes that will ensure a return on investment.
• We provide you with comprehensive internal marketing guidelines to help
improve your case acceptance levels.