Anita tells it like it is: Working smarter, not harder

Dentistry has more opportunities for dental practices to succeed and patients to enjoy the best dentistry now in 2014 than ever before. After 26 years in business as a speaker and practice coach I have seen many offices reach new goals and enjoy the benefits dentistry as a career offer, I have also seen many offices struggle in many ways in a stressful environment. Why, because people are afraid of change. My program will give you the key components to making change easy and enjoy all the benefits dentistry today offers dental teams and patients.
The focus is systems, communication skills and confidence, to make necessary changes.
  • Internal marketing: 5 Star Service
  • Making the business side of dentistry easy
  • Why do some people make things difficult?                                         
  • Putting the excitement back into dentistry
  • Real reasons why some patients do not accept treatment 
  • Basic strategies that have been proven to work
  • Leadership skills that will ‘wow’ your team
  • The true meaning of Team Work      
  • Reaching new goals a win/win for doctors and their team