Building a Powerful Team

Building a team to be proud of is something that is not taught in dental school it is an art to be learned like clinical dentistry. It is important for the entire team to be aware of the positive effect their attitude has on the patients. Often we complain about our difficult patients, could it be that the team are not taking the time to communicate effectively with them? Are we explaining their treatment options, fees and assisting them with their dental benefit frustrations?
Guidelines and policies for both patients and the team are imperative; both written and communicated verbally will eliminate frustrations. Never underestimate the power of advanced positive communication skills along with hiring people with a great attitude, personality and core values. This program is designed for the dentists and the entire team to go back to work re-energized.
  • The right skills, the right attitude
  • Leadership skills to get superior performance from your team
  • Written office policy and guidelines, fair and consistent
  • How many team members do you need to be efficient?
  • Eliminate ‘It’s not my job’ attitude
  • Setting practice goals that make it a win/win situation for the dentist and team
  • Why do we have difficult patients?
  • Never underestimate the power of positive communication
  • Eliminate stress, high accounts receivables and an unorganized schedule