Dentistry Would be Great if it Weren’t for the People

Dentists rarely complain about clinical dentistry, in fact most enjoy the challenges and opportunities that come with the latest dental treatments and technology. The cause of stress in many practices is the people; the way they act, what they say and how they say it!  And patients may be difficult because they truly do not understand their treatment, fee or dental benefits.
Life would be so pleasant with less stress if we could learn how to communicate with each other. This program offers solutions to help decrease people problems. People work harder when they are happy and happy patients refer to your office. This program is for the entire team to help eliminate some stress from their lives, improve the work environment and provide the best patient education, treatment and customer service.
• Keeping patients happy
• Understanding why our patients get frustrated
• Customer service: Why is so important
• Eliminate team gossip
• Importance of a healthy and positive work environment
• Team goals and values
• Eliminating the "it's not my job" mentality
• Turning negative communication to positive
• Dealing with different personalities
• Laughter is the best medicine!